Duane Custer



Custer family

I was born in Germany and moved to the United States to start school. I was the oldest child of four of divorced parents. My family was steeped in Catholicism and I attended parochial school through grade 7. I served as an altar boy, attending the church six days a week, with often 4 masses on Sunday. I never heard the gospel; I never read the Bible; but I received a thorough indoctrination into works-based salvation.

I met my wife, Barb, when we were in high school, and we married after she graduated. We were both confirmed heathens and proud of it.

When our first child was born, I instinctively knew I was in trouble. I'd never had a father figure in my life, and I was clueless. I dragged my family of three to the only "church" I'd known growing up, but it was cold and void of meaning, and I was left searching for more. At this time we were introduced to people who were interested in the end times, and they invited us to the Evangelical Free Church of Grand Island, NE. We heard the gospel preached and the scriptures taught in Sunday School. The pastor came to visit us and personally share the gospel. He explained our need of repentance and trust in the Savior. Barb and I both trusted in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Christ continues the work in me He started when I was 26 years old.

Barb and I have two children, Tyler and Lindsay, and a son-in-law, Nate. I am retired from the education field, having served as a teacher and administrator for nearly 40 years.

We have served in four different AWANA programs, helping to start three of them. I have served as an elder and a deacon and have ministered in finance, youth and Sunday School programs. At Faith Bible Church, I help with facilities planning and security, and I do whatever is needed. God has always directed Barb and I in areas of service in His Church.

I enjoy hunting and fishing, shooting sports, and remodeling things around our home.