Luke Koerperich

Worship Leader

I was born and raised in the small northwest Kansas community of Oberlin. I grew up in a loving Christian family; and although I'm unsure of when exactly I was saved, I know that God has given me a new heart of faith that loves Him. He has changed my desires - I hate my sin and I desire to serve Him as Savior and Lord throughout my life.

In 2021 I graduated from Central Christian College in McPherson with a Bachelor of Music. In His kindness, God has blessed me with a love for music and has given me many opportunities to use my abilities for the Church. I have been a part of various music teams where I learned how to appropriately lead others in worship through song.

Since college, I have worked for a cleaning company, as a studio accompanist at Bethany College, as a private lesson instructor, and as a teacher. I began to serve as a music intern at Faith Bible Church in 2021. I currently teach a variety of Middle and Upper School classes at Cornerstone Classical School and serve as the Worship Leader at Faith Bible Church.

My wife, Marissa, and I have been married since July, 2022, and we are excitedly anticipating the birth of our first child this spring (2024). I enjoy spending my free time playing piano, guitar, and drums, socializing with friends, and reading.