Kyle Sanderson

Senior Pastor


I spent my childhood in Hutchinson, KS. I was raised in a loving home with a religious atmosphere. I considered myself a Christian because I attended church regularly and possessed an intellectual understanding of the Christian faith. However, I was dead in my trespasses and sins, utterly lost. I was self-righteous and compared my morality and righteousness to that of my peers. I idolized sports, achievements, and success. I craved the attention of girls. Despite the reality of my sin, I was deceived into thinking that I had a true relationship with God.

During my freshman year at Texas Tech University, God's sovereign grace began drawing me to Jesus Christ. I became more exposed to the preaching of the good news. I came into contact with people who knew the Lord; and through my exposure to truth, God was convicting me of my sinful lifestyle. That spring, I attended an evangelistic preaching event. The preacher faithfully communicated the gospel: God's holiness, man's sinfulness, the judgment of God, the sending of the Lord Jesus Christ for forgiveness and eternal life, His substitutionary sacrifice on the cross, His resurrection, and the call to repentance and faith. My eyes were opened. I had been playing games with God, but now I believed and was saved.

When I graduated from college, I served in the financial services industry for about two years. During this time, God produced in me a growing zeal for the truth and a love for Christ's precious flock, the church. This desire crystallized into training at The Master's Seminary and Grace Community Church in Los Angeles in 2005. After seminary graduation, God called our family to First Baptist Church Roosevelt (Lubbock, TX), where I served as an associate pastor. My family and I were with these precious saints from 2010 to November 2015, when God called us the Faith Bible Church here in Salina.

I have been happily married to Stephanie since 2006, and we have four children: Suzie, Sawyer, Sean, and Scott.

It is my privilege to preach the glorious gospel of grace, exhort from God's Word, and shepherd the precious souls of Faith Bible Church. Praise God for His glorious grace!